Haughty Culture

In December of 2009 I experienced another of my achingly unpredictable bouts of time travel. This time it was to the 1890s.

Posh flowers? Yes. This pack of four cards (from a seemingly vast library of collectable prints dating from around 1889) lets one into the pompous hierarchy of vase-life; a breath of humour that adds vim even to the dullest of Horticultural Magazines or Journals.


  1. Rob, I just wanted to say I saw your part in the degree show... its amazing! as you well know! Congrats on getting into the royal college of arts (i hope thats the one you're going to! I'm terrible with remembering names of...just about anything.) I also never realised that you are the creator of moon!
    Just in shock and awe... keep up the great work, and good luck for the future!

  2. Monsieur Fresson, I must say these water my roots immensely. Beautiful.