Summer Exhibition

I have put a few images of the wares I am selling at this year's degree show. Each print has been painstakingly and individually wrapped in cellophane pouches and lovingly adorned with a coloured sticker to denote price. I only hope that people use the honesty box system in the manner in which it was intended to be used, and, if people do steal my prints, that they do so with an air of purpose (zip-wires, cat suits, suction boots etc.) that suggests the items lifted are of enormous and important value to the country, like an Egyptian sarcophagus head-piece or a Fabergé Egg. Some kind of Zeta-Jones Entrapment Dance wouldn't go a-miss either, although preferably I'd like to be present.

1 comment:

  1. hello!
    i just to say that i was in this exhibition, there were very nice works, but for me yours was definitely the best! i love the way the pages are composed, the few colours used, the print technique, the content, even the way you carefully displayed the prices/info of them.
    and, i bought one of your prints!

    very well done!!