ME mE Me

Each Page in Creative review is 247mm (w) x 247mm (h)

There are 75 pages in this September issue of Creative Review

247 x 247 is 61,009 square millimetres, x 75 = 4,575,675 square millimetres in the periodical.

On page 9, taking up a grand total of 2 x (50mm x 50mm)= 2(2500)= 5000 square mm of space are two of my illustrations.

As a percentage, 5000 / 4,575,675 x 100 = 0.10927349516737967622263381905402, rounded up is 0.11 %

So, 0.11% of this months Creative Review is dedicated to ME ME ME!


Research World

A couple of options for a client. This is for an article about the dangers of Google and Facebook to people's privacy, published in the September Edition of Research World.