I have gone to Japan for three months to study Ukiyo-e prints. I'm learning how to carve wooden plates.

Here are a couple of my present favourite prints.

Katsushika Hokusai - The falls at Ono on the Kisokaido

Torii Kiyonaga - Evening glow at Ryogoku Bridge


If it's embossed...

I was happy to find the typographical fruits of my labours adorning the cover to John Sibbick's concertina book, published through Nobrow.

(Images courtesy of nobrow.net)

Louis XIV et le cheval comique!

Recently finished a poster and flyer for friends playing in Edinburgh this festival. Find out more right here:


and here:


and, also, here:



Bogus Logus

I was asked to design a logo for a guest house in Spain. The guy who commissioned me never got back to me after I completed it. I put it down to inexperience (on my part) and vowed never again to take commissions from blokes who call you up whilst feeding their noisy children and talk about depth when they mean height.


Experiments of the Innocent Eye

Here is a link to a short film I made to document a drawing experiment.

A group of students were asked to describe objects of their choosing. The artist could not see these objects. The students were asked to describe the objects in terms of eternal or platonic forms: spheres, cubes, cylinders, cones etc. The artist then drew from these descriptions. No allusion could be made to the purpose or colour of the object, and only when the drawing was complete could the object be revealed. Five examples of this process are shown in the film.

Retro Retro

I have been working on some logo designs for a surf company these past few weeks. As is apparent, the company is called Nineplus. A nice job - revisiting a solidity of purpose that I find is mostly absent these days.


Dancing Atoms and Homogenous Goo

I have spent the last three or four months working on a Lecture entitled:

Thermodynamics and the Paradoxes of Motion.

Here are some stills from the film that was made of the lecture.


Hello out there,

I should have posted this ages ago...



Anyone still occasionally dipping into this stagnant pool of creative dearth will undoubtedly have wondered:

'What happened to Robert? He starts a Blog! with all the promise of a freshly poured glass of Illustration Juice, squeezed from the machine, and ardently sets about filling it with a backlog of 'not-quite-suitable-for-the-congruency-of-the-website-but-might-still-get-him-a-job-or-at-least-give-people-an-insight-into-a-much-less-rounded-and-uncertain-personality' then, suddenly, come the summer of 2010, he disappears. What's he building in there? Sometimes, late at night, I hear the clattering of metal-on-metal, the sound of a hammer, the faint pulsing burn of a welding electrode. But what's he building in there?'

The answer is unfortunately less exciting than that poetic speculation suggests.

I am studying a two-year Masters degree at the Royal College of Art and, as a result of the intense and introspective nature of the tutelage, I am producing a myriad of things which bear little or no resemblance to the work previously posted here or on my website. I have some commissioned bits and pieces to do, which I will continue to post up when done. In the meantime, I thought I'd just put up a few 'scanables', just to keep things alive.