Hello out there,

I should have posted this ages ago...



Anyone still occasionally dipping into this stagnant pool of creative dearth will undoubtedly have wondered:

'What happened to Robert? He starts a Blog! with all the promise of a freshly poured glass of Illustration Juice, squeezed from the machine, and ardently sets about filling it with a backlog of 'not-quite-suitable-for-the-congruency-of-the-website-but-might-still-get-him-a-job-or-at-least-give-people-an-insight-into-a-much-less-rounded-and-uncertain-personality' then, suddenly, come the summer of 2010, he disappears. What's he building in there? Sometimes, late at night, I hear the clattering of metal-on-metal, the sound of a hammer, the faint pulsing burn of a welding electrode. But what's he building in there?'

The answer is unfortunately less exciting than that poetic speculation suggests.

I am studying a two-year Masters degree at the Royal College of Art and, as a result of the intense and introspective nature of the tutelage, I am producing a myriad of things which bear little or no resemblance to the work previously posted here or on my website. I have some commissioned bits and pieces to do, which I will continue to post up when done. In the meantime, I thought I'd just put up a few 'scanables', just to keep things alive.