What Children Think of My Illustrations!

The Children of Culverhill school in Gloucestershire wrote short stories and poems based on my illustrations. Here are a few examples of their interpretations.

(Photos courtesy of Oliver Daltrey)



Big Swan

Immediately, John's childhood nostalgia for Sesame Street was shattered.



Team Orange

When riding the bus between Bristol and Bath I sometimes see railway workmen out on the line. 

I've heard rumour of an elite troupe of Dutch railway engineers who are helicoptered in to fight service delays. They carry two magic poles; purpose unknown, and wear helmets made from polished narwhal tusk.



Visiting Lecturer Rob

I have just spent the last couple of days in Falmouth, Cornwall, where I studied commercial illustration. I was asked to give a lecture on my path from BA to freelance and talk about business advice and the like. Though I felt horrendously under-qualified for this role, I decided to make a nice looking presentation in the hope that Microsoft's brand of jerky animations and limited formatting software would serve as my shield. 

Below are some photographs of some of the slides.


Balking at the Sun

No one was buying this life guard schtick and her obstinacy was grilling her skin.

A Distant Sound


Rin turned towards the sharp mountain a saw a plume of smoke rising from its western face and a trail in the sky like an emerald arrow.